Aligning project milestones to development schedules #anzreg2019

Moving the goal posts: aligning project milestones to development schedules
Kendall Kousek, Macquarie University

Macquarie – 45,000 students, 2000 staff. New purpose-built library opened 2011. Alma, Primo, Leganto, CampusM

Multiphase pilot to introduce Leganto from 2017 – demo to Faculty of Arts, tested with 8 volunteer unit convenors. Next another 11; next widened to other faculties, and so forth. Now have 400 reading lists in all 5 faculties.

When NERS opened made suggestions eg:

  • links to free resources – instructors expect library to embed direct link. In Leganto it goes to link resolver which ends up going to home page by default. Library were expecting to fix this, but instead instructors were trying to fix it themselves – by removing data from the citation until only the manual link would work! Badly affected enthusiasm in one faculty in particular. Requested ability to hide broken links – this resonated and was picked up.
  • duplication – previous system let you rollover copyright info; Leganto deleted all this so everything had to be re-entered and rechecked. Requested duplication would duplicate copyright data – was picked up and implemented even better than expected in some ways – but not as expected in others. Librarian rollover options different from instructor rollover options – but issue was reported and resolved.
  • on rollover instructors kept on course but not on reading list. Requested a fix, planned for this November
  • course loader for rollover remains fairly manual, automation probably not possible

Roadblock – lots of workload required in getting LTI link into Moodle. Created a custom LTI block designed by library and created by learning team. Can be added by instructor per library’s “instructor’s guide”.

Concern students might miss the reading list link in the LMS and still try searching in Primo. So used Resource Recommender in Primo – this isn’t sustainable so plan to phase it out as students get used to accessing readings via LMS.

Happy with system and fixes / improvements to it. Now able to focus on increasing usage and rolling it out further across campus.

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