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Collaboratively solving the research data management problems in Australia

Talk by @markhahnel @figshare at #SymUCOZ14

In a study in Nature, 67% of researchers say lack of access to others’ data is a major impedance to scientific progress. 36% say they’d share their data. (31% therefore admitting they’re impeding scientific progress!)

Lots of funders require data and outputs to be available – but repositories not helping them do it.
Australia much further forward than UK, US, Europe (who now have mandates but no infrastructure)
ANDS – great website, guides for students, etc
Victoria University Research Data Management libguide

Being about to cite data is vital – elevates it to equality with papers
Currently people happily cite papers, but only 25% cite data only in reference list (as opposed to in the data availability section etc). Hitting people with a white paper doesn’t make them listen. So how can we report on impact? What use will ThomsonReuters’ data citation package be if they miss 75% of actual impact?

Taylor and Francis now providing datasets (in fact paying figshare to convert it back to the format it originally was submitted it to them in…)

People don’t care about research integrity, funders’ data policies, legislative change. Not even moral and ethical oblications. Somewhat about raising profile of yourself and research. What really engages them are:
* increased citation rate
* simplicity
* visualisation is cool

* How much data are we generating?
* Where the hell is it?
* What’s happened to the old stuff?
* How can we get our research re-used more than any others?
* I want to out-perform other institutions in league tables.
Receiving all this money and no idea where it’s going.

figshare for institutions – provides statistics, tracking impact.