Where does Campus Learning become Online Learning? #theta2015 #campus

Where does Campus Learning become Online Learning? Emerging trends in learning space design and usage (abstract)
David Gunsberg, Lori Bowe, Richard Kerr and Merv Connell

(A panel discussion)

What makes a good space?
Julie: As academic everything needs to have been done so I can just teach and inspire students.
Lori: Students telling us needs to be adapted. So build barns, fill with props so students can adapt it to what they need.
Merv: Want to be the support person giving away $100 notes. “So the students want X, the academic wants it to work as it did yesterday, project mgmt add their constraints.”
Richard: Have to design for technologies that are constantly changing while building cycles take years. Flexibility implies moving seats around; adaptability requires moving things completely around. Typically buildings have small footprints which are harder to adapt.

Where is the line between on campus and online?
Julie: Can be teaching students in Tasmania on their lunchbreak or overseas on secondment and still studying. Want lectures to even be translated – foreign languages, Sign. An on-campus experience is great – provide simulated experience by bringing outside in.

Are you designing spaces for flipped etc?
Merv: Yes, but as Richard said, long lead-cycle. Get stuck in the middle of conflicting needs.
Richard: There’s no single pedagogy. Academics have different pedagogies.
Julie: Teaching = Tell them, show them, let them show you. But also lots of academics want to research but get forced to teach and need help.

Is recording a lecture and putting it online genuine online learning?
Julie: We’re far behind. Need to rethink – recording powerpoints isn’t online learning. Need to put an hour-long lecture into 8minutes or less – can be exciting, thinking “Maybe I can do it! Maybe I can do a picture instead of 10,000 words.” Keep them interested, that’s all they need.
Lori: Students learn online on a daily basis. They’ll take something designed for A and make it do B/C/D/E/F. Focus group at Griffith about bad teaching: are you going to show up? No, will ask someone who was there for the info and get a double-shift at work.
Merv: From same focus group: student says can find info elsewhere so only reason they come to class is to fill out paperwork. Despite that, they like being there – when appropriate / convenient for them.
Julie: Putting slides online can be a start – can make you think what you could do better. Also realising need to work more as a team with IT people (who shouldn’t be in a different location).
[Linkage here to Forging productive partnerships between learning, teaching, library, and IT]

Lori: Students want to leave their mark. If they say “I want red beanbags” and we get them that means a lot to them.
Merv: Whatever we do, make it as easy as possible. They’ll find the easiest way, often we just need to get out of the way.

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