B(uild)YO skilled Data Librarian #theta2015

B(uild)YO skilled Data Librarian (abstract)
Karen Visser, Natasha Simons and Kathryn Unsworth

[Flipped classroom approach: 1) looked at recent data librarian job ads to work out what skills we/librarians would need to develop; 2) shared ideas previously generated of how to upskill (eg reading D-Lib articles; attending iassist conferences; data ‘bootcamp’ workshop); 3) discussed topics in teams – eg what skills does a data librarian need (we came up with subject ontology expertise, ethical/cultural understanding, knowledge of legal issues, then unfortunately time was up).

[Pretty chaotic but got through a lot especially since multiple ‘streamed’ discussions went on at once – organisers aim to distribute notes to attendees post-conference.]

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