State of Open Data 2019 #FigshareFestNZ

State of Open Data 2019 report
Dr Mark Hahnel, Figshare

EU reckons it could save 10.2billion Euros a year using FAIR data. In the US the OPEN Government Data Act has been signed. NIH has said it requires everyone to make all their data available – but where are they going to put it?

FAIR – at least start with F and don’t name it “dataset.xlsx” because that’s hardly findable.

Figshare/Zenodo/Dryad – increasing uptake over time 20-30% year on year. Effects of EPSRC mandate in UK, NSFC mandate in China are significant. NZ is actually following the same trend even without mandates – global culture seems to be having an effect.

arXiv:1907.02565 found linking paper to dataset associated with 25% increase in citations

Annual survey – 8500 responses (three times as many as last few times)

  • 74.5% responses were extremely/somewhat likely to use other people’s data
  • 2/3 say funders should mandate data sharing, and 2/3 say that funders should withhold funding if people don’t
  • 66.4% think they don’t get enough credit for datasets – they want full citation, co-authorship (of paper based on their data – technically against norms but many do get it), consideration in job reviews, financial reward
  • Awareness of FAIR – slightly up but still <20% familiar, <30% heard of them

South African data repository (for compliance with a funder there)

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