National DOI consortium #FigshareFestNZ

National DOI consortium
Andrea Goethals, National Library of New Zealand

DOIs: persistent and unique identifiers for digital objects. Support the sharing of research as part of creating FAIR data (eg principle F1 “(meta)data are assigned a globally unique and persistent identifier”). Mostly assigned by either DataCite (especially for data and grey literature) or Crossref (especially for journal articles etc).

DataCite’s model requires being a member – either direct member, or consortial – New Zealand has done the latter. Consortial is cheaper, can leverage each others’ skills and expertise, have more influence, and share strategies. Each consortium member might have one or more repositories. Responsibilities: full autonomy creating your own DOIs using their tools; communicating with institution’s researchers; and paying annual fees.

Consortial fees:
Membership  fee: 2000Euro / #members
Repository fee: 500Euro per repository
DOI fee: 500Euro up to 10,000

Minting DOIs – at UoA can either create manually through a form or uploading a file; or by API automatically.

Also have an NZDOI Interest Group – open to anyone to join.

Have more information at National Library site.

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