Finding our happy place at work – Cath Sheard #open17

Used to feel pressured, even bullied. Some used to go home and cry. Now happy, confident, prepared to take risks.

When took over as manager instituted regular one-on-one meetings with staff. 95% of time has an open door policy. So staff chat regularly, meaning when it’s time for a harder conversation it’s okay because they already know each other.

Cut back on number of events because staff were too stressed. So number of events has gone up – because the pressure is off and they’re enjoying it again.

Stopped being involved in things just because she could. Doesn’t need to check every poster, sign – don’t need to do quality control because trust staff. So she has more time and staff feel trusted. If she needs things changed staff knows there’s a real reason.

Did Myers-Briggs to ‘know yourself’.  Strengths and weaknesses; what makes you happy or frustrated? No use implementing a change that’ll make you cross!

Look for quick wins so you can see it’ll work and there’s benefits to making changes. Acknowledge the wins. Be prepared for multiple iterations.

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