You are what you count #anzreg2019

You are what you count
Rachelle Orodio & Megan Lee, Monash University

Very often we count what’s easy to count, rather than what’s meaningful. Created a project starting with identifying what metrics they should collect.

Principles: metricsshould be strategic, purposeful, attributable, systematic, consistent, accurate, secure and accessible, efficient, integrated. Wanted to reflect key library activities.

Identified 35 metrics – 18 were manually recorded into Google Forms, Qualtrics and other temporary storage. All needed to be pulled into one place so it could be cross-referenced, and data visualisations created. Data only valuable if it can be used and shared.

Looked at Tableau, Splunk, Power BI (uni-preferred for use with data warehouse), Excel, OpenRefine, Google Data Studio.

Data sources: Alma/Primo analytics, Google analytics, EZproxy, Figshare, Libcal/LibGuides, the people counter, and custom software, spreadsheets, forms, manual recording. Quarterly email for collection of manual data.

Dashboard in Tableau with eg number of searches in Primo, how many searches produce zero results. Usage of discussion rooms vs availability. Tableau provides sophisticated visualisations, integrates with lots of sources and is great for large datasets. But expensive annual fees, needs a server environment to share reports securely, and not as easy to use as PowerBI.

Power BI example showing reference queries. Easy to learn and most functionality available in free version; full control over the layout; changes reflected immediately from one graph to another eg when you filter to one library. Sharing interactive version, the other person needs a license – or thousands of dollars for a cloud computing license.

Alma Analytics FTP – used for new titles list. Create report, schedule a job, FTP, then process files, upload to LibraryThing to get bookcovers in a carousel.

Project is ongoing. Scoping is important. Lots of info you could present, have to select the key data based on target audience, their needs etc.

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