Huakina te whare ki te ao – Ariana Tikao, Catherine Amey, Anahera Morehu #open17

Ngā Upoko Tukutuku thesaurus created by looking at cataloguing worldview within Te Ao Māori framework. Classifying mātauranga Māori in a Library of Congress framework is pretty hard; but it was also about revitalising te reo. So Ngā Upoko Tukutuku aims to help cataloguers and archivists assign appropriate subject terms; and enable library users to find resources within a mātauranga Māori framework.

Kaupapa are preferred terms – with a whakamarama; related to Reo-ā-iwi (dialectal); within Tāhuhu (broader terms), Heke (narrower terms) etc.

Tukutuku panels made with a person on each side weaving threads back and forth; Ngā Upoko Tukutuku are made in the same way.

Example of frogs – in Māori worldview frogs aren’t part of an ‘amphibian’ category but rather part of aitanga pepeke (animals that jump) so added poraka there.

Once had a request for a term for ‘environmental ethics’, but no term for this so added two terms, one for ethics, one for environment. Added scope notes.

Rakiraki – the specific readers inspiring the request were actually about family so suggested using whānau there. But also added rakiraki as it was suitable for other resources about ducks.

Manawaroa for resilience.

Trying to create scope notes that are easy for cataloguers/archivists with little knowledge of mātauranga Māori to understand.

Reo-ā-iwi – Hura kōhatu / Hura kōwhatu; kōkā / māmā / whaea

Opening up the data to the world eg; converting a subset into Linked Data

Feedback, questions, interest in collaboration to

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