Games for learning – Dan Millward #open17

Gamefroot is a platform for kids to make video games; he’s also cofounder of Games for Learning conference.

Museums have a desire for innovation but a low appetite for risk. Air and Space Smithsonian though makes more on its digital content than all the other Smithsonian

Gamefroot gets a media palette eg terrain, background, effects, events – can put it together, preview, make game. Creating an app. Eg

  • Game about museum – writing labels
  • Mihi maker game
  • After-school game design club

Playing games can be educational but hard to compete with games out on the market. Gamefroot by contrast is about construction. Giving kids a reason to want to learn.

What’s in making a game?

  • digital tech / code
  • media
  • narrative
  • production
  • ideation / testing / feedback
  • teamwork

Code Red project – pilot of coding workshops – but have evolved beyond code clubs to game design clubs

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