Chat about Research Repository #theta2015

Elements Integration – lets chat about Research Repository and populating Researcher Profiles (abstract)
Leonie Hayes and Anne Harvey

[Facilitated audience discussion of various questions only loosely related. Probably unintended that largely drew an audience of people perhaps more interested in learning about Elements than of people who had already implemented it.]

Discussion of data – Creative Commons licenses not very appropriate to datasets because immediately locks down opportunities for reuse. Creative Commons Zero is better here.

“Sunshine cleaning” – when you hang your data out to dry and everyone sees how dirty it is so you quickly clean it. [Very effective but terrifying for many researchers so I suggest an alternative might be to put the data, like the journal article, out for peer review.]

Looking at impact for Creative Works – altmetrics. Many don’t see themselves as researchers but as practitioners. Uptake of workshops is low as often working from home. The institution needs to focus on areas outside STEM and traditional metrics – these alienate scholars in other fields.

Open Access policy. Many have ideals but doesn’t translate into practice. Especially license issues. Difficulties when managing a PBRF version vs an open access version.

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